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YOGA365, a movement to facilitate the practice of yoga as a way of life, on and of the mat, through traditional movement, breath, meditation and more to inspire people to create a discipline where by ‘getting on the mat ever day’ is as natural as brushing your teeth, though ‘on the mat’ does not necessarily mean a physical asana practice. This is purely a space to learn and become inspired, to explore yourself and your evolving practice or begin on your path.

I can hardly put into words the power, the transformation and raising vibrations associated with a yoga practice that extends beyond the mat. I know. I am experiencing it. I have witnessed it in others. And I want to invite you along this journey. I am merely creating the space for us to unite and collectively raise the consciousness and support one another. The plan is for further collaboration to comprehensively spread this message and extend our reach.

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If you are called, please do share this with your friends and family, yoga studios/shalas and anyone you care about to further raise awareness and participate in the ever raising global vibrations!

Light and Love!