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You train hard. You love your sport. Throwing around heavy things and/or sweating incessantly is part of your daily routine. Dare I say you’re a little bit competitive…

But damn, for the love of all things great and powerful, you’re stiff, your muscles are tight and you just can’t get the range of motion, depth or speed you’re after?!

Lets fix that once and for all!

Sound like you? Read on….

Now, I am not a miracle worker and I can’t do it all for you, but I can give you the tools, specific to your body and sport to set you up for the year ahead to move more freely, functionally and like the athlete that you are!
In fact, an athlete at heart and gym junkie to boot, the thought of touch my toes at one time, seemed like a feat as great as climbing Everest, no joke.

Yes, we will use yoga coupled with my background in strength and conditioning, from working with university athletes in the US and corporates here in Melbourne, and all of us weekend warriors in between!

Yes you have to use your breath to get the release and mobility you’ve been searching for. I can’t take that component out. However, for those of you ‘non’ yoga types, this is the ONLY program that I offer that doesn’t include philosophy, meditation or other elements of yoga.  (of course this is available and I am mooooore than happy to share it with you!)

So here’s how to get the flexibility you’re after without losing strength or power, and just in time to set yourself up for the New Year!

4 Weeks to Flexibility!
STARTING 25th November -16 December 2017 at Pure Movement Crossfit Port Melbourne
Saturdays 75min
60 minute movement and breath based fully body practice (highlighting specific body part each week)
15 minutes to workshop specific homework stretches
Each week body part theme:
1 Hamstrings/calves
2 Hip Flexors/glutes
3 spine
4 chest and shoulders

BONUS: 30 minute treatment with industry leading myofascial, remedial massage therapist to target and rectify your specific needs fast!

Improved mobility
increased ROM
Aid in recovery
Increased energy (seriously, those stiff muscles and connective tissues are holding onto loads of stagnant energy)
All this packaged up for $229…

And for those of you amazing yogi athletes that join us for the POP UP ‘BIRTHDAY BASH’ VINYASA YOGA CLASS this Saturday the 18th of November 2017, YOU WILL SAVE even more

ONLY $199!!! 

Program Choices


Light and Love