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What Are You Waiting For: FREE Spring Into Yoga Program

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Has your energy been particularly low lately? Feeling restless and a bit of cabin fever? I feel ya. I don’t just mean feeling cooped up inside because of the cold, dark days of winter, but also cooped inside yourself perhaps? Feeling an itch to step outside of yourself and your same routine, same repeated thoughts. Or Do you have some big pre-summer health and wellness goals on the line but struggling to step fully into committing to them…(which basically says, unable to commit to you by the way.)

Spring is the time of new life, new beginnings, blossoming and light…light and heat (hopefully) coming back into our lives! It’s the perfect opportunity to clear out the old, the extra ‘baggage’ and to prepare for the new life and light that the spring and summer bring.

Let us start small. Start simple. With little things that you can commit to that will absolutely begin to shift you into a state of transformation, mentally, physically, emotionally, and if you choose to allow it, spiritually.

Allow the weeks to layer on a morning routine that serves you each day. Each week we add another layer to your asana practice including pranayam and mindful meditation in order to build a full sequence. Simply complete each day, the new 10 minutes (+/-) sequence provided each week OR better yet, layer them on to complete a full 60 minute practice by the end!!

This was designed to be only a 4 week program but I just couldn’t resist sharing 2 more weeks and more magic on and off the mat!

We are starting October 1st 2017…THAT’S TOMORROW!!

Pop your email address in the sign up form to put the spring back into your step and a little mindful practice into your life!!

Sending Light and Love and Springtime Blessings!

🙂 Jess

PS If you like the sound of this and know some else who will benefit from these messages (duh, who wouldn’t,) then share the love and help to raise the global consciousness and bring yourself a little well-deserved good karma!!

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