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“The journey toward self-discovery is life’s greatest adventure.”
~Arianna Huffington

YES! I can hardly contain my excitement right now! We are going back to Sri Lanka 15th June 2019 and we want YOU to join us! We’re even more intimate with a private house on a long stretch of South Coast beach welcoming day and night time activities such as swimming, surfing, long walks, exploring nature or the local fisherman village, sneaking out to the nearby private island or off to the popular surf haven (and cafe jewel) of Hiriketiya Bay! We’re giving you all the flexibility with lunches out on your own to devour your favourite cuisine, options such as massage, day trips (seriously, you’ll NEVER forget the life changing encounters with elephants on the Udawalawe Reserve) workshops, surf lessons or total R&R! And this is all on top of our twice daily Yoga practices, enriching meditations and game changing journal sessions (SERIOUSLY, not your run of the mill journal prompts,) and two homemade delicious, nutritious, mouth watering local meals prepared by our private chef!

We’re kicking off with a welcoming  NEW MOON intention setting ceremony and wrapping up with an incredible Solstice Celebration AND International Yoga Day  to finish off your game-changing stay on the South Coast of Sri Lanka! 
For those of us, coming down from riding the waves of the Southern Hemisphere Summer/Spring… when you just can’t bare to face the winter creeping in and another cold, rainy morning, you’ll be setting off for the sun, sea and the mid-year inspiration you need to set yourself up mind, body and soul to get serious about the second half of this amazing year!
And of course, we’ve kept our Northern Hemisphere friends in mind and can’t wait to embrace your Summer holidays, Summer Solstice and all the summertime feels that Sri Lanka infuses us with!


“The journey toward self-discovery is life’s greatest adventure.” Arianna Huffington

ESCAPE THE MUNDANE to move past your comfort zone! Travel inward and risk letting go of your limiting beliefs to DISCOVER WHAT IS POSSIBLE! Leave behind old, self sabotaging habits to TRANSFORM YOUR MIND BODY & SPIRIT? LET’S FIND JOY IN EVERYTHING including the JOURNEY!

Wherever you are at this stage along your journey is the perfect place to be. And amazingly, you will be a completely different version of you next week, next month and next year. Let’s discover what that next version of you could look like, think like and how he/she might move through life. and let’s develop the habits, the thought patterns and beliefs, to allow that perfectly imperfect journey unfold without expectation. We’ll provide the safe, comforting environment to foster the space and energy to delve deeper into such discovery and provide you the tools and 24/7 support along the journey to your individual self discovery. And finally we’ll guide you in setting your true intentions in alignment with your highest values and ensure you have the tools necessary to continue your journey long after you’ve left us and Sri Lanka behind. Aaaaannnd did I mention, we’ll have all sorts of unrestricted FUN doing it!



prices from just $1749usd
Twice daily Beautifully Blended Yoga asana, pranayama and kriya (cleansing)
(morning invigorating Vinyasa, evening restorative hatha/yin)
Melt your monkey mind away with daily meditation or yoga nidra practice
Daily Fresh Energizing breakfast AND Replenishing dinner (14 meals total); Famous Lankan King coconut daily
Daily Discovery session with discussion and journal time (Finally, the habit you’ve been wanting to instill!) #journal2019
1 on 1 private DISCOVERY session with Jess; Journey Deeper
NEW MOON Intention setting workshop AND welcome ceremony
MASSIVE SOLSTICE CELEBRATION and INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY (Including 108 sun salutations by the sea!) 

Udalwalawe ADVENTURE, an Eye Opening ELEPHANT Encounter and picnic you’ll NEVER forget!
CLIMB out of your Comfort zone  as we climb over rocks to the islands edge
Find your Center and Ride the Wave Surf Lesson
Push your Limits with a Fitness Challenge (optional)
Weight loss packages available upon request


*Welcome Gift Pack upon arrival
*AUDIO 5 minute MUST DO Morning meditation 
*15 minute morning practice video (filmed 15 minutes from retreat location!)
*Post Retreat continued support with this 7 day journalling deep dive

EXTRA EARLY BONUS GIFTS: (Early Bird first 5 ONLY or until 30th January 2019!)

**EXTRA 1on1 DISCOVERY session with Jess (beach side)
**45 minute (never released) Vinyasa yoga practice video (filmed 5 MINUTES from retreat location)
**FULL MONTH journalling deep dive to stay on track Post Retreat
**Crazy Savings on investment (SAVE $250USD NOW!)


What’s not included:
*Airport transfers (public transport available, private cars can easily be arranged)
*Sri Lanka E-Visa $35usd
*Extra daytrips, extra surf lessons/board hire, massage
*Lunch (one dinner out, but lunch provided this day)
*Tip (optional, but encouraged for local services)

THIS IS NOT one of those retreats for the masses, baby! This is for YOU if you freakin’ KNOW there is more out there and are curious to discover it! If YOU crave that feeling of springing out of bed in the morning with energy and passion for life! If YOU want to look and feel fantastic! If YOU never seem to get the break YOU DESERVE to be the BEST version of YOU! If YOU are sick of holidays leaving you more stressed and exhausted when you return. And even more importantly, YOU are prepared to DISCOVER a new level of self, to uncover some personal limits, move beyond them, fuck it, TRANSCEND them and TRANSFORM yourself…never to be the same again!
If that sounds like you… even a little… if there is even an inkling inside of you, then click here to apply. Just find out if it’s a right fit. Just see if you’re ready to ESCAPE. DISCOVER. TRANSFORM. The #srilankaretreat2019 is sure to be an experience like no other! I WANT to experience this with YOU!


Oh, You WANT to See Pics from the #srilankaretreat2018?

Search the #hashtag #srilankaretreat2018 We posted like crazy!! There were elephants galore, and oily ayurvedic treatments a plenty, daily yoga photo shoots (obviously!) BUT we didn’t have a private house… or sand… or ocean… or COCONUTS!! I just had to mix it up for you 2019 beauties!! But we DID have an incredible time! Have a look for yourself!

“Jess, thank you for seeing the potential in me and wanting to be there to witness my personal growth. During my time here in Sri Lanka you have taught me the drive and fire that is within me and the potential it has to keep growing! You have shown me how important it is to be in tune with my body and how to intuitively make adjustments both on and off the yoga mat…That was one Wild Adventure, let me tell ya! And THANK YOU again, for introducing me to this beautiful, beautiful country! Sri Lanka and Journey with Jess Jones Yoga will forever be in my heart!” ~Chris A.

“I came on the journey with an open mind, having no idea what to expect. From the very beginning Jess made the experience very personal and special. Every single detail had been well thought out to give us not only a beautiful insight into Sri Lanka, but also a deep connection with our sense of self. For me, Life can be pretty chaotic, and I came on the journey hoping to de-stress, unwind and reconnect with myself. I have been challenged in so many ways and have come out the other side completely at peace with myself…Jess, Thank you for sharing your passion, your knowledge and your fire with us in a place you hold close to your heart. As a group we feel like family now and each of us walks away stronger! Looking forward to your next retreat already!” ~Tahnee

“Jess, thank you for allowing me to experience this amazing journey with you and new friends! I decided at the beginning of this retreat to go with the flow and try everything! This week has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and into some challenging positions in more ways than one! I discovered by allowing myself to let go and experience this journey, that I AM ENOUGH on and off the mat, I AM STRONG, in challenging poses and that I AM POWERFUL with my breath alone. This week has been truly special and has opened my eyes to so many amazing things! Thank you for sharing your passion for yoga, travelling and living life to the fullest with us!” ~Rae

“This is an experience I’ve been wanting to do for some time, only I didn’t know who with or where I’d go. Like an angel, Journey with Jess Jones Yoga dropped into my life and I took a last minute chance. Unaware of what to expect, I came to find myself on a incredible spiritual pathway. A pathway I would have otherwise missed had it not been for the gentle and loving guidance of Jess Jones. I started this journey feeling like the unpredictable ebb and flow of water washing up ashore of an unknown land. I am ending this journey grounded to this Sri Lankan earth and forever indebted to Jess for bringing me in contact in such a way with this place that will forever hold weight in my heart ” ~Alexis

“I always saw yoga as a way of stretching into poses that were way too difficult to ask my body to do. Thanks to Jess, I learned to let go of expectations, and I was able to relax into poses and know that each practice was a new and important step on my journey. The meaning and practice of meditation has created a firm hold and an important ritual to continue turning off my active mind. this was the PERFECT start to create a foundation of good habits and most of all, a better ME! This is certainly not the end of my journey & I know you be there the whole way!” ~Natalie

There are so many more where these came from! Scroll through Insta if you like, or better yet, come make more memories with us March 30th-April 6th 2018! Oh yeah, if you want the FULL PACKAGE! I’m talking an escape of fun in the sun, yoga vibes, elephant adventures, deep dive self discovery, surf time, local love and so freakin much more AAAANNDD you want to melt the last few days away in a FULL AYURVEDIC DETOX CLEANSE to leave you lighter from the inside out, glowing your radiant newfound self and quite possibly the most nourished you’ve ever felt….well then, I got your back! (Duh!!)
There is an extra special add on package, for those that know they want a little more, the need the depths of an internal purification, and they insist on maximizing their time away… I’ve teamed up with the incredible family at Plantation Villa, to offer us a super special 3 night, 4 day total immersion into cleansing and pure pampering to add on to our already epic adventure!! Will you give yourself this once in a lifetime opportunity?


Light and Love


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