SPRING INTO YOGA: Welcome to The Journey

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SPRING INTO YOGA: Welcome to The Journey

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“Your life is a personal journey through your own subconscious mind. Nothing is happening outside of you. It is all happening within you. It is all you. This gives you complete power and access to changing or re-creating anything you want. This is the genie in your bottle.”


I am so excited to be here sharing with YOU and completely humbled to have the privilege of joining you along your journey!

Firstly, why am coming out of the wood work to share? Because I am inundated with clients, friends and even colleagues who are exhausted, lacking energy, stressed, disconnected and desperately want guidance how to simply include yoga into your life without all the fluff!

If this is you too, listen up!

This FREE course will run over 6 weeks and will include a theme for the week, a Monday Morning Mantra, a short video and/or FB livestream,  info to piece together your own yoga practice, benefits and how to include yoga in your everyday life! (and basically why we can’t afford to live without this essential Eastern tradition any longer!)

We’ll introduce ways to nourish your mind body and soul in only a short time each day to increase your discipline, awareness, focus, confidence and so much more!!!

We will be using our monthly intention, Virya, energy, effort, enthusiasm and heroic strength to guide us through the first 4 weeks of our path. Read more about this months intention here or check out more on intentional living here!

The first email will reach your inbox tonight. It’s all about making space (and time) for your new practice, prioritizing and getting in the mindset of your new path. FYI you’ll need just 10 minutes each morning this week and no equipment at all! Make sure you’ve signed up and confirmed your email so I can deliver the rest of the content to you later!!

Looking forward to guiding you on this journey ‘of the self, through the self, to the self.’ and beyond!!

Light and Love



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