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*** this event has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Stay tuned for release date and feel free to contact me at yoga@journeywithjessjones.com

*Daily Rituals & Practices to Cultivate Balance From Within!
*Embrace the Elements & Your Natural Rhythms!
*Nurture Your Mind Body and Soul For Spring Awakening!

Honestly, if Not Now When?

What the heck is a virtual retreat?

It’s a chance to commit an entire day just to yourself, to learning and understanding more about your inner workings, resetting and committing to you, practicing and nurturing your mind, body and soul all from the comfort of your own home!
It’s a glimpse into a day in the life on retreat with me overseas, without the cost, travel, packing, mosy’s 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to do this on the beach in Sri Lanka or the Philippines, but right now, we are called to stay put and learn to ride these new waves of change.

Why is this for me?
This one day retreat is for you if:
*You have felt flat, lack luster, low energy or uninspired lately.
*You’ve been feeling anxious, frustrated, distracted, or a lack of focus.
*You haven’t found a ‘schedule’ during lockdown that feels good.
*You don’t feel like you have time to dedicate a whole day to you or can’t remember the last time you did.
*You just need a little a reset and something to look forward to.
*You’re interested in learning more about the elements, your natural state and when you are unbalanced, how to bring yourself back.
*You’ve been

What’s the day going to look like? Will I have time to myself?

The following is a proposed schedule. I never like to be rigid with time on retreat, but rather listen to what is needed.

745am Prepare your hot drink (tips provided)
Join call by 755am
8am Wake, Shake and Shift
835am spinal movements (morning kriya)
850-930 Pranayama and short meditation

Short break Cup of tea and journal session:
(ayurvedic tonic recipe provided)

10-1115/1130am Embrace the Elements Hatha-Vinyasa flow

Brunch break (1130am-2pm):
optional Healthy nourishing meal (recipes & shopping list sent in advance)

Walk, Nap, Journal (Journal Prompts provided)

2-315pm  Understanding Doshas and the elements & balancing rituals for each
315-345pm Q&A
4-515pm Move into Stillness: A  movement practice leading into DEEP rest and yoga nidra
515-530ish closing candle/mantra/blessing

I can’t make all the sessions. Will this be recorded?

I will be recording the sessions and attempting to break them up into a few separate videos, but these will be provided as a sort of last resort. I understand we all have lives, and families and we’re all at home, but I do want you to make every effort to gift this day to you.
**I also plan to provide the morning rituals video to all attendees to repeat for the following week to support in establishing your own unique morning habits.

Jeez Jess, this looks like you’re including A LOT, get to it already… What’s the investment?

Through all my recent practices and deep work, I feel very tuned into my intuition and am drawn to offer this whole experience for the sacred number of wholeness, 108.
Due to the current times and my deepest desire to share this with as many people as possible, I wish to extend this offer in a few different ways:
1. Early Bird Pricing: $69, save $39 (Offer available through 5th September 2020!)
2. I want to experience this so much, but money is tight right now. I will invite a friend to share this experience with (2 for the price of one) Offer available through 5th September 2020!
3. I’m channeling my abundance big time, just hit me with the full $108 😉

You can make your payment through Australian Bank Transfer, (US bank transfer also available) or Paypal and drop me an email address to confirm. Details below:

Jessica R Jones
BSB: 013040
ACC: 269607892

ZOOM LINK will be sent a few days before the event including your pre-retreat welcome pack!

Any questions, please reach out via the contact page, Email, DM in social media, snail mail… I’m always here!

Light and Love

“Don’t dismiss the elements. Water soothes and heals. Air refreshes and revives. Earth grounds and holds. Fire is a burning reminder of our own will and creative power. Swallow their spells. There’s a certain sweet comfort in knowing that you belong to them all.”