Sharon Pearson on Revolving or Evolving (A Sneak Peak)

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Sharon Pearson on Revolving or Evolving (A Sneak Peak)

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“Are you ‘revolving’ or ‘evolving’? Are you repeating the same mistakes and revisiting the same pain, over and over again? Or are you progressing, discovering new challenges, finding new levels to yourself and what love means to you?

We are either ‘revolving’ through the same issues over and over again – which is a pretty major clue we’re not taking responsibility for something. Or we’re ‘evolving’ onto new challenges as we resolve past issues, heal ourselves, and find new ways to be our ultimate selves. If you’re ‘revolving’, time to change your approach. It’s not working.

Good tips – Stop blaming others. Stop waiting to be rescued. Stop waiting for it to just fix itself. Stop talking about yourself. Start owning your experiences as experiences you have created for you to learn (or repeat, your choice). Start committing to what you care about. Start respecting yourself as the source of your solutions. Start focusing on others. Some people live ten years. Some people have the same year, ten times. Some people live a full life. Some people live one experience of pain, over and over and over again. We choose. We decide. We experience… ourselves.” ~Sharon Pearson

I literally just came across this draft post from nearly ONE YEAR AGO! I’m not sure why I never shared it… or maybe, just maybe it resonated a little too close to home, and I blocked myself. I’d never take credit for these wise words of one of Australia’s leading coaches, mentors and otherwise, most remarkable women. Instead I pass them on, without giving my own 2 cents for once.
All the questions are there for you to ask yourself. As we move from one month to the next, transition a new season, and move from the crazy Eclipse energy, maybe its time to start exploring these questions instead of waiting for ‘one day’ instead of continuing to repeat on the same hamster wheel of life.

PS This happens to be the kind of ‘Discovery’ work and ‘Transformation’ creation we will be launching into in exactly 7 months from the comfort of our beach-side private home in Sri Lanka. As we dangle our toes into the infinity pool, sipping King Coconuts, as the sun revives our energy, blissed out after a morning yoga practice, we’ll write, contemplate, laugh and no doubt shed a tear or two, as we choose evolution, we choose transformation!
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