It’s time to shift away from fear driven living and into whole, embodied being. Use this extra time at home for YOU to get back to self, move, breathe, and shift your vibration to experience this life more fully!

I will be sharing sessions on both Zoom and Skype to support your mind and body through this unique time of transformation. The thing is, how YOU choose to use this undetermined amount of time NOW, will make all the difference in your experience, in who you become and most importantly, how your life will look on the other side!

I’ll be honest with you, this has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I honestly don’t fear the virus, I have had fear based respones to the chaos, the chaos and reactions of people living in fear. But thankfully, I have these grounding practices of yoga, meditation, breathing and whole hearted living that continue to bring me back to balance, back home to myself.

And so I can’t not share that with YOU! Now more than ever! I want you to have these tools. I want to make it accessible for YOU! I am not the only one stepping up and sharing online, supporting the community and fellow vibrant beings to make this confronting time one worth embracing! So I ask you to please reach out, if I can support you, your friends/family or anyone else you know. But please, if not with me, with another radiant, inspired teacher that you connect with. Because this is not a time to do it alone. This is a time for community, for connection.

The planet has been calling out for it for a long time. Slow down, Tune in. Listen to the call. YOU will make the difference. In your life, in those around you and for our mother Earth.

Practice yoga, change your world.

One breath at a time.

Because yoga isn’t just a bend and stretch.

Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, back to the self.

Whether I see you in person in my few face to face classes left, privately or small group via Zoom/skype, or Insta/Facebook LIVE…. I want to see YOU!

Firstly, JOIN US in the FREE Facebook group YOGA365 

Contact me directly to arrange your session today.
I WILL make it accessible for EVERYONE!
And until we connect, check out this class I filmed back on the South Coast of Sri Lanka to take the edge off 😉

Lets move together.

Breathe together.

Raise the vibration together.

Light and LOVE