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On Showing Up For YOU

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Are you consistently showing up for yourself in all the things that are truly important to YOU??
You may not feeeeeel like doing something, but you almost always feel better for doing it!
It doesn’t always go exactly as planned, but if you show up, it always goes exactly as it’s meant to!


You don’t always get what you want, but you always get exactly what you need!

I’m talking yoga practice but this applies to life my friends, or any discipline, training, art, or practice.
Sometimes things feel a little off. We dont always spring out of bed and want to do the work, to put in the effort of Virya. We don’t always have an unrivaled enthusiasm to work on ourselves, to do what we know will serve our higher self….
But that’s where the discipline comes in. That’s where consistency in simply showing up regardless of what our monkey mind has to say about it, or a wave of laziness sweeps over us (hey, we’re human) and simply beginning. Showing up for yourself in your practice time and time again, will spill over into your everyday life.

Where else might you not be showing up for yourself? The way in which you care for you body, nourish yourself? Perhaps your not showing up for yourself in relationships, being true to your voice, in business, not giving what you know is inside of you to give, in mindset, not conditioning your mind to let go of limiting beliefs…. and so forth.

I’m not by any means saying that stepping onto your yoga mat can ‘fix’ all of the areas in which we feel we need ‘fixing.’ (I use the term fixing very loosely, as I do not believe anything is broken rather attention/intention/energy needs to be redirected.) Rather I am suggesting, no I am absolutely certain that cultivating a discipline of showing up for yourself (on the mat or whatever your ‘healthy’ desired practice may be,) with an unwavering intention day in and day out, will instill a discipline of showing up for yourself in ALL other areas of your life. FACT.

It happened for me just this morning. I woke up with a beautiful sunrise peering through the window, felt rested but and nope, it’s not always pretty…but real, and raw, absolutely![/caption]something inside did not want to take on a full practice. There was some block, some resistance that I couldn’t identify….and turns out, I never needed to.Because I decided to show up for myself. Begin a little more gently with mantra and breath work and even a coffee and singing bowl…. and the energy began to rise. And I committed to surya namaskar….and the resistance melted away, the blockages passed…. I was smiling. I was sweating. I was full of energy. The practice unfolded and I did everything that I was called to do on the mat…

and then, I stepped into my day, newly inspired, focused and I showed up for myself again and again. (I basically ate my to-do list for breakfast! lol)

So if showing up for yourself is lacking, how on earth do you feel you can show up for others? How much more amazing could you feel knowing that you’ve looked after yourself? and How much better could you look after your other responsibilities if you were taken care of? These are simply questions. If they don’t resonate, leave them.

but if they do resonate, even a little. If there is an inkling to want or need to show up for your mind, body and soul, I invite you to join me in this FREE Spring into Yoga program. We will help to establish this discipline of showing up for yourself first and foremost, each morning. First just 10 minutes per day. We started Sunday. It’s not too late.

Pop your email address in the sign up form and I’ll deliver it straight to your inbox. It’s that easy. Show up for you, and the universe will meet you there.

Light and Love

PS If you’re in Melbourne I’m launching the ultimate path to discipline and showing up for yourself with the Light Your Soul on Fire: Introductory Ashtanga Vinyasa Course, held Sundays at the Collective Yoga and Massage in Brunswick. Yes, you’ll learn the Ashtanga Primary Series, BUT you will learn sooooo much more. This course is about establishing discipline, building a practice that allows you to explore all the things in the way of journeying deeper, gives you the individual tools, to peel back layers and move further into both asanas and a journey of self discovery…if you’re up for it!
There’s a private Facebook page for participants for ALL your ongoing support and inspiration over the 8 week course! This course is strictly limited to give the intimate experience and full individual attention, so don’t wait, check out the link and book TODAY!!

There’s also a FREE taster on THIS Sunday 8th of October for more info and foundational wisdom that you can apply to any practice!! Please do join us, 1130am!!

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