New Moon, New Beginnings and New Intentions: Why Now?!

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New Moon, New Beginnings and New Intentions: Why Now?!

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‘Surrender all that no longer serves you. Let all that remains buried in your heart come to the surface to be healed. Let there be space for new energies to enter. New beginning transforms darkness into light.’

Decide today, right now as you read these words, on just one thing that you will stop doing today that is preventing you from moving forward, that is holding you back. Decide today to stop doing just one thing that is sabotaging your greatness.

I have decided to stop making excuses, in business and in life. I hate even admitting that I make them, but the awareness is a big step in itself, NOW time to let them go…
You do too don’t you? Let those little excuses creep in… “I’ll start when…” “I just need xxx and then I’ll be able to….” I’m calling BS!

These often subconscious excuses, are put there by our own minds, by our overthinking and because of our own fears. They are like little protective barriers, cotton wool, to save us from falling, failing, embarrassment, whatever it is that’s holding YOU back.

If you find it challenging to come up with one thing to stop doing, make a list of many little things that you would like to let go of, dig deep. The deeper you dive the more likely you’ll be to find the ONE that resonates the most right now that is truly the culprit of slowing your progress!

So take this time today, whatever you are committed to STOP DOING write it down in big bold letters:
I NO LONGER ___________. Even if from time to time the old habit comes up you will be acutely aware of it now.

And then my darling, decide today, here and now, to begin doing just one new thing that will shift you into your light. Start doing just one new thing that will get you closer to living the life you imagine, becoming the best version of you. Again, if you’re not sure where to begin, start by writing out a list, 25-50 things you ‘could’ realistically start doing today, from positive affirmations, to taking a walk each evening, or eating green veggies with every meal, or calling your mum weekly (just added that back to my list;) or practicing meditation for 5 minutes, or waking up 5 minutes earlier with a smile… Choose ONE, Decide today… TODAY I START __________.


NOW is the only time you have control of. NOW is the ONLY time to begin anything!!

And as we all well know the New Moon triggers something inside of us, something that naturally calls us to begin again or begin anew. It’s a time of planting seeds for that which you want to see blossom early in 2018! Don’t wait for new years to set intentions! The time is NOW!

Energy around the New Moon is very powerful and propels you on whatever pursuit or decisions you make. So DECIDE today. Decide to LET GO of the excuses, LET GO of anything that is holding you back right now gorgeous! Decide to START just one new thing that over this month or end of this year could possibly change your life. So you can fully step onto your path, or into your next chapter with energy, enthusiasm and a passion for life!

These don’t have to be huge feats or seem grand in the big picture, but trust me, (you trust me dont you?) these two small shifts in line with today’s New Moon energy will have a major impact over the next month, as we move into the new year, and if you remain committed to just these 2 shifts, can drastically transform where you’ll be this time next year.

This is intentional living. You decide how to direct your energy. Direct it with vīrya, energy, enthusiasm and effort on the path towards your higher self.


Who is going to be brave, bold and fully commit by sharing what they will START and STOP doing in the comments below?

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Light and Love
🙂 Jess

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