Living Yoga: For a Healthy, Happy, Mindful 2018

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Living Yoga: For a Healthy, Happy, Mindful 2018

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Let’s Make this the BEST year yet!

Living Yoga for a Healthy, Happy, Mindful 2018

I’ve been implementing these practices for years, sharing with clients and lately, speaking with many like minded practioners, teachers and students alike. While I’ve certainly not perfected any of it, I can confidently share these simple shifts with you to continue to progress along your journey!

The NUMBER 1 strategy to implement NOW to transform how each and every day unfolds, is to take control of your morning routine immediately!! Begin with a few deep, conscious, diaphragmatic (belly) breaths and a big smile! Roll over exclaim, “today is a fantastic day!” (Just decide it will be!) And drink at least 500mL of warm water first thing! Follow up with the gratitude practices as discussed below and (if I get some comments below) I’ll write up an epic post for further morning routine structure!!

If you’d love a quick 15 minute morning sequence to awaken your mind, body and soul, you’ll want to check out this beauty I had filmed in Sri Lanka a few months ago! (Hurry, it’s on holiday special for a limited time!)

Top 5 Principles to a Healthy, Happy, Mindful New Year: Living Yoga Beyond the Mat

1. Gratitude: ‘Just for today I am grateful for all that I am, all that is inside of me, and all of the blessings of this new day.’

Begin each day, with gratitude, in full appreciation for all that is already present for you.  Try verbally, reciting at least 3 things you are grateful for each morning. Play a bigger game and try writing them down in a gratitude journal. Or get creative with it, and try writing a few specific things down you are feeling particularly grateful for, and pop them into a jar by your bedside table, to review on those days that maybe we find it a bit more difficult to connect with our innate gratitude.

Remember, this practice isn’t just about saying thank you. This practice shifts the way we feel, changes our state, and has the power to transform ordinary, mundane day to day life into extraordinary & change opportunities into blessings! You see, states or emotions such as Fear and Anger simply cannot live, cannot coexist in the presence of deep, sincere gratitude. Begin today! Commit to this one small step to bring my joy, appreciation, and abundance into your life now always!

2. Intention: ‘Intentional living is not a ‘doing’ but a ‘connecting’ to the energy of intention.’

Take time each morning to set your intention (sankalpa) for the day ahead, meaning, connect more clearly to the field of intention already existing around you and decide where you will direct your energy for the day. Choose what will be your anchor to come back to throughout the day. Intention setting is quite different than goal setting but they DO go hand in hand!! Stay tuned for an upcoming post explaining these differences, and HOW TO unite the power of intention with your goals to bring you into your BEST year yet!
And follow along with the monthly intentions in the Intentional Living section on the blog and daily posts on my Instagram and Facebook pages!

Nischala Tattva Jeevanmukti:
For one who is unwavering in their intention liberation cannot be denied.

3. Awareness: ‘Awareness allows us to get out of our own minds, be present, and observe it in action.’

Become aware of the subtleties within you and around you to fully experience this life exactly as it is. It’s like training a muscle. In order to strengthen it, we need consistent, mindful attention and your  awareness will in fact expand. The limitations of daily awareness live inside. Go inside. Explore.

4. Control the Controllables: ‘You cannot always control your external world, but you can choose to control your inner world & response to it.’

Taking control of the things in your life and on your mat that you actually have control of, and the things beyond your control will no longer seem so overwhelming. Detach from the outcome, detach from how you think it should be, and it will turn out as its meant to. This will also allow you to ‘respond’ instead of react to situations and avoid unnecessary worry, stress, dis-ease, etc.

5. Radical Acceptance: “On this sacred path of radical acceptance, rather than striving for perfection, we discover how to love ourselves into wholeness.” Tara Brach

The law of impermanence guides us in understanding that all things are in fact temporary. The only constant is change. Once we grasp this concept we may accept ourselves and others and all situations that arise, simply as they are, without expectation, and with deep compassion. You see, this too, this moment will pass and will no longer be the same no matter how strongly we try to hold onto it. Embrace the change….


I was buzzing after this recent workshop and went live on FB touching on these points briefly (PLUS 1  BONUS: Find a Beautiful Balance Between Effort and Ease) Check out the livestream here to feel the energy and listen in on these concepts from sunny Melbourne!



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Health and Happiness during this festive season and into the New Year!

Light and Love

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