It’s TIME to Listen, To Feel, To Explore, To Journey Deeper

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It’s TIME to Listen, To Feel, To Explore, To Journey Deeper

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It IS time to start to listen inside again. To connect with YOUR inner world, the subtle sensations that are ever present within you. The path of yoga, the practice, is to cultivate a deep awareness, a judgement-free, awareness of those sensations within you, and as they rise to the surface. To question, to explore and trust whatever is happening, is present for a reason and will pass when it’s ready.

And this is why I choose to teach, to share, to guide you along this journey. I simply can’t not. My role here is to give you the tools to embark on this journey, to shine a light for you, to illuminate your path AND to inspire the self confidence and willpower for you to truly follow through on YOUR path…

To your higher self…
To that version of you, you long to feel…
To that version of you with incessant energy and zest for life!
to that version of you that moves, acts and experiences life with grace and enthusiasm!
To that version of you that radiates light, love, kindness and compassion AND is a magnet that cant help but attract this to you!
Ok maybe I’m going a bit far, but this excites me. Because I have felt it. I have experienced this personally (and do most days…yes, i’m human) and have witnessed so many students around the world embrace these shifts as they journey deeper….
And they all started at the beginning too. Just like I did. Stiff, stressed, competitive by nature, completely unaware of anything that I could not see.
And then slowly, layer by layer, I began to peel back what was in the way, what was stopping me. And sometimes I moved backwards more than i moved forwards and You will too. 
You’ll begin this journey where ever you are right now, consciously and unconsciously, physically and energetically. You’ll take this journey on in your own time, the way that is right for you. You’ll know. As you practice your intuition and awareness will grow. You’ll be more open to the signs, so you’ll receive more of them. 
Maybe the practice will begin purely physically, maybe with intention of releasing stress or quieting the mind. But over time, no finite amount of time, but in the right time…
‘when you stay with the practice, all is coming.’ {Pattabhi Jois}
I will be right here along your journey as a support, but the teacher is within. I’ll introduce you 😉
And for the love of all things universal and complete, IF THIS RESONATES WITH YOU,  COMMENT BELOW. Reach out! Connect on Facebook, READ the posts on Instagram, and email me to let me know you’re listening, you’re here, you’re embracing this journey with me.
And for those of you in Melbourne, DO NOT miss the chance to work with me in a very intimate group, to build YOUR practice, lay the foundations for YOU to explore YOUR path, to LIGHT YOUR SOUL ON FIRE!
Starts this Sunday 15th of October, 2017
 For 8 weeks, we meet at 1130am-1pm less than 1% of your week, to develop a discipline that serves YOU in ALL areas of your life. To explore a practice you can complete daily for the rest of your life, anywhere in the world, and have a different experience each time. To learn fundamentals that you can apply to ANY practice.
It is 99% practice, 1% theory…. commit to the practice, commit to YOU!



‘Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self….’


Let me give you the tools embark on your journey!


Light and Love 

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