Intentional Living 2017: October Sankalpa (Intention), Vīrya

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Intentional Living 2017: October Sankalpa (Intention), Vīrya

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What the heck is intentional living? It is a means of choosing the direction your day, week, month, or yoga practice will move in.  Think of it as a guiding light to  direct your energy. You may use it as an anchor to come back to if you get off course and/or a fire to re-ignite your light to move forward!
I share a new intention (sankalpa in sanskrit) at the start of each month on my Instagram and Facebook Page to lay the foundation for month ahead. Follow and use the hashtag #intentionalliving2017 for plenty of tips, insight and direction to inspire your own intention setting rituals and check out previous monthly intentions here!


We are kicking this season off with an intention that will propel you along your path to better version of you (mind, body and soul) if you allow it to guide you and fully commit!

the Sanskrit word Vīrya, will be our guiding light this month, and like most Sanskrit terms, comes packed with a variety of meanings.  Energy, effort, enthusiasm, strength, courage, virility, diligence (to name a few) directed towards a higher purpose, path or journey to inner peace, the journey back to ourselves.

Virya is discussed in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, a text written in aphorisms well over 2000 years ago compiling the foundations of classical yoga philosophy. (We will be exploring this great text over time and humbly piecing together our understanding to deepen our practice.) In Sutra 1.20, vīrya is explained as one of 5 key attitudes to begin and maintain our practice. It is the heroic strength of simply showing up each day and putting in aligned effort with an unrivaled enthusiasm to evolve, mature and move forward on the path.

So this month be unwavering in your intention to put in the necessary effort to cultivate change, growth and transformation! Start by scheduling time each day for the next 7 days to commit to you and your practice with heroic strength. Spring into Yoga with Journey with Jess Jones Yoga by signing up here and  follow along with the FREE content sent straight to your inbox to build a gentle, sustainable self practice on and off the mat!


Light and Love


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