Yoga is a Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self.
Yoga is a Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self. Opening Times We Work Every Day a Week

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Saturday 18th 2017 1030am-12pm

Embrace this months’ sankalpa “IAM” with a 10 Day  #asanachallenge in the lead up to this soul shifting Pop Up Vinyasa Yoga Practice! On this super charged NEW MOON, we will share in a full flow asana practice, guided by breath and empowering “IAMness” followed by meditation to guide you into a blissful weekend and new moon intentions!

1030am-12pm PURE MOVEMENT Cross Fit, Port Melbourne!! Book now with the button below!!



YOGA For ATHLETES: 3 Dimensional, Functional Flexibility For YOU


You train hard. You love your sport. Throwing around heavy things and/or sweating incessantly is part of your daily routine. Dare I say you’re a little bit competitive…

But damn, for the love of all things great and powerful, you’re stiff, your muscles are tight and you just can’t get the range of motion, depth or speed you’re after?!

Lets fix that once and for all!


Sound like you? Read the FULL POST HERE....

Here’s how to get the flexibility you’re after without losing strength or power, and just in time to set yourself up for the New Year!

4 Weeks to Flexibility!
STARTING 25th November -16 December 2017 at Pure Movement Crossfit Port Melbourne
Saturdays 75min
60 minute movement and breath based fully body practice (highlighting specific body part each week)
15 minutes to workshop specific homework stretches
PS if you attend the POP UP BIRTHDAY BASH CLASS this 4 week course is just $199!!

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 ‘I AM’ Asana Challenge! JOIN US NOW!


`Here it is!
Your #IAM #asanachallenge! 10 days, 10 asanas, and 10 ‘IAM’ statements to guide you deeper into your IAMness! Kicking off the 9th of November-18th! The 10th pose will be revealed on day 9, so be sure to follow, like and share daily with relevant hashtag #IAM#IAMasanachallenge AND tag @journeywithjessjonesyoga on Instagram and Facebook! 🕉

Embrace the next 10 days of soul shifting ‘IAM’ statements and embody your IAMness as we roll into NEW MOON on the 18th, for an intention setting opportunity to lead you through the end of 2017!



Spring into Yoga WRAPS UP THIS WEEK!

Whether your yoga practice has been in a slump or you’re just exploring this beautiful path, Spring is the perfect time to get started! Begin to adopt a simple, daily yoga practice by gradually layering it on to create a habit, increasing your energy, reducing stress and improving mindfulness!  Content and videos to be sent straight into your inbox! PLUS attend Live Classes (in Melbourne) Mondays 630pm South Melbourne Town Hall!


LIGHT YOUR SOUL ON FIRE: Intro Into Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series

Every Sunday for 8 weeks build your practice from the ground up!
Learn your body from the inside out through breath, bandhas and dristi the foundations of Ashtanga Vinyasa! Learn the Primary Series and how to prepare yourself for asanas you’re not yet ready for!
*The secrets to NAILING your vinyasa!
*Backbending like you’ve never seen before!

Full course commencing 15th of October 2017, 1130am-1pm!

All 8 workshop/classes 90 minutes each + Private Facebook Group for ongoing assistance!

So many exciting events in the making right now!! If you would like to pre-book corporate programs, wellness workshops or 1-10 day retreats, please register your interest today at!


Light and Love