DON’T MISS IT: #IAMasanachallenge LAUNCH… Who’s In?? #IAM!

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DON’T MISS IT: #IAMasanachallenge LAUNCH… Who’s In?? #IAM!

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Here it is!
Your #IAM #asanachallenge! 10 days, 10 asanas, and 10 ‘IAM’ statements to guide you deeper into your IAMness! Kicking off the 9th of November-18th! The 10th pose will be revealed on day 9, so be sure to follow, like and share daily with relevant hashtag #IAM#IAMasanachallenge AND tag @journeywithjessjonesyoga on Instagram AND Facebook! 🕉

The poses get progressively more challenging throughout the challenge and I encourage you to get creative and choose any variation or modification of the suggested pose. The real work will come in embracing the IAM statement each day, on and off the mat!! SO, are you up for it?! Are you sharing in this soul shifting energy?

Are you celebrating my birthday month with me?! Yeah thats right one week from today i tick another box…and i couldn’t think of any better way than sharing the love with this awesome community!! In fact, we’re rocking out in a Pop Up ‘Birthday Bash’ Yoga Class on Saturday the 18th November,  the culmination of the asana challenge and celebration of our IAMness Pure Movement, Port Melbourne!

#IAM if you’re in!


Light and Love,

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