Burn Higher: The Fire (Agni) is Within

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Burn Higher: The Fire (Agni) is Within

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“You must burn. Burn higher. 
Burn for everything you have ever wanted. For everything you have ever lost, for every crack in your heart and every fraction of every irreplaceable moment. 
Burn high for love. 
For fear. For life. 
Burn as fast and as long as you can. 
You must burn, burn higher.
Because nothing in this world will kill you faster than a dying fire.”
Mia Hollow

This quote gives me goosebumps every time I read it. For those fleeting moments that I forget to embrace like they are my last. For those times when I feel my fire flicker in adversity or smolder in lack of inspiration.

The reassurance is always there that the fire, the Agni, still lives within the fierce heat of the red coals, the intensity lives in the depths of my center, in the manipura chakra.

It’s seed is always within…

It is always accessible….

If you don’t FEEL the fire you can choose to burn.

Today I choose to burn higher, with more light, for every fraction of every irreplaceable moment. I choose to burn for the present, moment to moment, I burn higher.

Will you?

Set intentions like this every day, every week, month and for the year ahead!

We’re learning to set intentions like these, that light you up and give your soul exactly what it needs!

We’re meeting in the looming energy post New Moon Tuesday 19th December 730pm at The Collective Yoga Massage Myotherapy.
We’re talking all things intentional living, how to set and live by them in 2018 and we’re soaking up the last of this seed planting energy for 2017!!
What better way to finish the year off than in alignment with your true self?!
It’s just pay as you feel, so accessible for everyone! Invite friends and family and come out to share collectively!!
Click HERE for the FB Event link  to confirm your attendance today as spaces are limited!
Light and Love
🙂 Jess

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